Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 037: Bogus Gods / Laughterland - Cat & Lantern 24/01/90

GIG 037: Bogus Gods / Laughterland - Cat & Lantern, Barnet 24/01/90
We knew the guys from Bogus Gods (may have known the Laughterland crew too actually) as we all drank in the same Barnet pubs, had pretty much the same taste in music and well, they were sort of second degree mates (friends but not friends we knew terribly well).

The Cat & Lantern (in East Barnet) was pretty packed and in amongst the swarming sweaty bodies were Justin, Pat, Chris, Lucy, Tracey, Penny, Roger, Trevor, Jenny, Emma, Julie and loads of others.

Both bands were all right but the highlight of the evening had to be Bogus Gods' thrash cover of the Fraggle Rock Theme Tune which was amazing (and pretty much resulted in a load of us on the floor due to a mosh-pit collapse :p).

Price: Unknown

900124 Bogus Gods
Tags: bogus gods, cat & lantern, gig list, laughterland

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