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GIG 038: Broken Bones / Scat Opera - Marquee 30/01/90

GIG 038: Broken Bones / Scat Opera - Marquee 30/01/90
Broken Bones were (actually are as they reformed and I think are touring again) a very influential punk band. Metallica and Slayer have cited them as a big influence and members of Brokjen Bones had previously been in Discharge. I didn't know any of this at the time I saw them though. I primarly went because a couple of my best mates,Mat and Adam, were going as well as some other friends.

It was pretty chaotic in the mosh pit but, after having had a couple of instances of breaking my glasses at gigs, I'd decided to play it safe with this one.

I gave my glasses to my ex-girlfriend (Siouxsie) who was by the side of the stage and wasn't joining us in the melee. She popped them behind one of the speakers next to her as they'd be completely safe there whilst the rest of us got kicked and thumped black and blue in the pit.

This *in theory* was a great idea.

However, we didn't factor in the lead singer of Broken Bones climbing up on the speakers and then leaping off them into the crowd (which caused one of the speakers to topple over and... well, crush my glasses).

Broken Bones were very good fun. They were supported by Scat Opera (who were alright, but didn't set my world on fire).

Price: Unknown

900130 Broken Bones
Tags: broken bones, gig list, marquee, scat opera

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