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GIG 039: US:UK - Camden Palace 20/02/90

GIG 039: US:UK - Camden Palace 20/02/90
This was my first gig at Camden Palace.

Camden Palace would become one of my 'second homes' for years to come, mainly due to the brilliant 'Feet First' club night that took place every Wednesday. A student/indie/alternative club night with very cheap entry and cheap drinks in an incredibly majestic and labyrinthine building that was originally a theatre that was opened in 1900.

This night was the start of a massive love affair with the place, and would lead to many, many fantastic nights and great memories to come. In fact I was there again only a few weeks ago (although now it's called Koko), 22 years later, seeing Chicane.

US:UK were one of the many fledgling dance/indie crossover bands like Pop Will Eat Itself (and later and much more famously The Prodigy) that were on the scene mixing up genres. They had tracks such as "Yuppies Can't Dance" and "Will You Still Love Me, Will You Still Care, When You Wake Up In The Morning And I Ain't Crimped My Hair". I'm sure I've got a 12" single of theirs somewhere...

Anyway, the set-up was a club night followed by a live band at midnight (in this case US:UK) followed by the continuation of the club night until about 3am when we all got turfed out in search of night buses.

There was a load of us that first night (Karen, Jim, Justin, Lucy, Tracey, Penny, Sara, Chris, Ed, Emma, Julia, Mark, Jan, etc...) and it was also nice to go clubbing in a slightly more 'Indie' club (even though they still played a load of goth/electronic - but that was the indie scene at the time) as the clubs I was used to up til then were mainly goth/metal ones.

US:UK were actually mediocre in the end.

Price: Unknown (But probably £1 with a flyer).

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