Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 052: Something Happens / Giant International - The Marquee 03/05/90

GIG 052: Something Happens / Giant International - The Marquee 03/05/90
We'd seen Irish band Something Happens supporting The Mission and had enjoiyed them so when they announced a date at The Marquee Nick, Mike and myself found ourselves in London on a Thursday evening :p

Something Happens very pretty big in Ireland, but didn't get the attention they deserved in the UK. They went on to play some larger venues (I caught them at the Town & Country Club atleast once after this) and the album "Stuck Together With Gods Glue" (which this date was a preview of I think) was a brilliant album which got a lot of critical acclaim (the NME named one of the singles from the album, Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Petrol, in their Top 40 singles of the year).

Support came in the form of Giant International, whom we'd seen a number of times and were always good fun. Something Happens were brilliany on the night :)

Price: Unknown

900503 Something Happens
Tags: giant international, gig list, marquee, something happens

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