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The week(s) in brief

Well Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed I've rather neglected my duties as a LJ-whore for the last couple of weeks. This is largely down to having worked every hour the Gods have sent me but not solely. So, I hear you scream, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Well, as some of you may recall Delphine came over for a few days at the end of July. This was the first time we've seen each other since her last visit just over a year ago (due to one or both of us either working or not having any money). It was good to have her over for a few days and much shopping, eating out and chatting was had. We also caught Shrek 2 which is still great on its secodn viewing. If you haven't seen it yet go and do so and stay through the credits for the extras.

When Delphine left pond823  and daver2323  and myself heading to see King Arthur on the big screen. Whereas pond and myself enjoyed the film daver hated it and apparently felt the urge to walk out on several occasions but managed to persevere. It's certainly a very different take on the Arthurian Mythos but I thought it was a good retelling on the whole and Kiera Knightley is SO HOT (ahem) and I thought Mads Mikkelsen as Tristan, Ray Winstone as Bors and Ray Stevenson as Dagonet were excellent selections. Clive Owen (who will be appearing in Frank Miller's Sin City film) as the Anglo-Romano Arthur was alright but I felt he was missing a spark and Ioan Grufford (who is Reed Richards in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie) was also so-so as Lancelot. My favourite character was definetly Tristan. School Report: B

Daver, Sarah and I went and saw I, Robot on Sunday. Whilst all three of us enjoyed it (Dave and Sarah alot) I thought it was lacking in a couple of places - especially a certian car chase scene but then I've rarely enjoyed car chases (apart from Heat which was stunning). The story is thankfully not a true rendition of the Isaac Asimov novel (which is a change of heart from me as I'm usually complaining movies aren't like the books) as I found the original novel very dull and can honestly say I'm not an Asimov fan, and the film actually credits it 'As Suggested By' the novel instead of 'Based On...'. Will Smith's characters paranoia regarding robots is unbelievable and this didn't help get me into the film. Product placement was also very obvious which generally annoys me unless it's done subtly. Overall though it's worth a B- on the School Report.

Last Thursday also saw Sarah and myself head down to The Mean Fiddler in London to see The Mission. I've seen The Mission god knows how many times (well over a dozen) but Sarah had never seen them before and to be honest only knew a couple of their albums. In short, it turned out to be one of the best nights out I've had this year in terms of enjoyment and bands. X-Lover were first up, with their drow-like lead singer, and were once again (I saw them at Elektrofest in May) very good. I'm going to have to track down a CD of theirs sometime soon. NFD are third generation Fields of the Nephilim. Several members of the band were in Carl McCoys 'The Nephilim' after McCoy left The Fields.... and when The Nephilim moved on they formed NFD with a couple of newbies including their singer. There singer happens to be Bob whom I've known for years but I have never managed to see live (nor have I heard anything they've recorded before now). NFD were bloody brilliant. If you like(d) the Fields of the Nephilim then I would strongly suggest picking up the NFD CD (a new album is due out later this year) and catch them live if you get a chance. NFD are certainly a worthy successor to the Nephs and will hopefully take it a step further. They even finished with a cover of 'Preacher Man' so I was well in the mood for The Mission by the time they came on stage.
The Mission are usually very good. They went through a bad patch in the early/mid 90's but the last few years have seen them return to form. Once again they rocked. I've seen them better (their gig at The Forum last October when they played for about three-and-a-half hours all told for example) and heard better sets but this one was certainly up their bubbling under their best. The music was brilliant, the crowd was very good (although not as active as some past gigs) and being able to see The Mission in such a small venue (the smallest I've ever seen them in) was a dream. I was right up against the barrier for the most part of it (apart from manic dancing bits:). Excellent.

Saturday saw Dave and Nat's 'Party in the Park' where we all went and chilled out for the afternoon in St. James Park next to old Buckingham Palace before heading to  a pub and then Sarah, Rob, puddingcat , mooncadet , Marie and myself headed back to ukmonty  's for absinthe, vodka and pizza till the wee hours of Sunday.

We had a quiet night in last night and watched Gothika as Sarah picked it up on DVD coming back from work. I'd not seen it before and was pleasently surprised at how good it was. It has some interesting/spooky extras too. Worth watching.

Anyway, I seem to have rambled for some time now so I'll give your 'Friends' pages a rest and allow someone else to post :-p

Take care and talk to you all soonish!


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