Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 056: Marillion / Little Angels - Wembley Arena 12/07/90

GIG 056: Marillion / Little Angels - Wembley Arena 12/07/90

After seeing Fish live earlier in the year (GIG 045) it was now turn of the band that he'd left. Steve Hogarth was on vocal duty and Marillion were playing Wembley Arena. I went with Nick and Simon and whilst I didn't mind the new Marillion material I definitely preferred the 'Fish' era.

That said, Hogarth was very good on the vocals and performed the classic songs brilliantly, as well as knocking out the material he recorded with the band. I certainly came away from the show very happy with Marillion impressing me more than I thought they would. Little Angels were supporting them and, despite being a favourite amongst many of my friends (and a band I ended up seeing a number of times) I wasn't really in to them. I think my drift away from a lot of the 'classic' heavy metal sound was in full flow at this point as I found a lot of the new 'classic-sound' metal bands quite bland and samey and was definitely in to the more experimental bands like Faith No More along with my love of goth, industrial and indie.

Price: £11.00

900712 Marillion
Tags: gig list, little angels, marillion, wembley arena

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