Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 062: Bomb Disneyland - Camden Palace 28/08/90

GIG 062: Bomb Disneyland - Camden Palace 28/08/90

Ah, Bomb Disneyland. Not only did they run into problems with Disney they also ran into problems with the All England Hells Angels. Disney complained about the name (which they did eventual
ly change to 'Bomb Everything' and the biker gang complained about some of there artwork (which they also changed and restickered the existing stock).

Bomb Disneyland were really thrash band although they had a large(ish) indie/crustie following. Justin (from New Model Army) produced one of their albums and they played a lot of the indie/alternative scene clubs and venues. They got a fair bit of press attention (beyond the Disney lawsuit) and where actually pretty good fun live.

A whole load of us hit Camden Palace for this gig, although it was also the day after the August Bank Holiday so a load of us where off school/college and the place was packed. Good fun night out :)

Price: Unknown

900828 Bomb Disneyland
Tags: bomb disneyland, bomb everything, camden palace, gig list, koko

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