Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 067: King Swamp / Q Lazzarus - Borderline 26/10/90

GIG 067: King Swamp / Q Lazzarus - Borderline 26/10/90

I'm pretty sure this was the last time I saw King Swamp. They were a great band live and, as I've said in previous gig write-ups, I still listen to their debut album a reasonable amoun
t over two decades later. Every time I listen to it it certainly reminds me of a set of friends I had back then and some really good times.

On this occasion, which I think was my first Borderline gig, it was only Penny and myself that caught them. They were supported by Q Lazzarus (whom I'd seen before and hadn't been impressed by - but this time they were pretty good). King Swamp themselves never failed to entertain and didn't disappoint on this occasion.

It was a shame I didn't catch them again. I'm not entirely sure if they carried on touring and they only did the two albums. They are certainly a band that I think should have achieved more success than they did, but then the decades are littered by bands that never rose to prominence due to one thing or another. Some acts strike it lucky, many sadly do not. I'm just happy that King Swamp were a band that we all discovered at the time and a band that brought us some great times :)

Price: Unknown

Tags: borderline, gig list, king swamp, q lazzarus

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