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GIG072 - Carter U.S.M. / The Boo Radleys / Th'Faith Healers - Town & Country Club 14/12/90

GIG072 - Carter U.S.M. / The Boo Radleys / Th'Faith Healers - Town & Country Club 14/12/90

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine were fab. Indie kings who had started to break through in the charts and had a brilliant, friendly and insane fanbase that seemed to cross genres. You had such a mix of people at their gigs, which was something that really surprised me when I first saw them on this chilly December Friday night.

I primarily knew Carter from the Indie clubs I went to and none of my immediate friends either wanted to see them, knew who they were, or were busy so I headed down to Kentish Town's Town & Country Club alone wondering in the back of my mind what to expect and also whether I'd be sticking out like a sore thumb in my usual black garb and nail varnish (being the little goth that I was :p).

I really shouldn't have worried though as I discovered as soon as I stepped off the train. The amount of goths amongst the more crustie/indie fan would give a lot of smaller goth gigs a run for their money ;p

The opening act (Th'Faith Healers) were pretty solid, I was less keen on The Boo Radleys (although I will admit to quite liking 'Wake Up Boo' that they released several years later as British Indie really starting assaulting the charts - even though it was pretty much a pop song).

Carter, however, were brilliant :)

Price: £6.00

901214 Carter USM
Tags: carter usm, gig list, th'faith healers, the boo radleys, town & country club

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