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GIG074: Bogus Gods / Dredd Hedd - Dandy Lion 04/02/91

GIG074: Bogus Gods / Dredd Hedd - Dandy Lion 04/02/91

This was the start of something very fun.

The Dandy Lion, a pub in Barnet where I grew up, had decided to start having a rock/indie/student night every Monday with live bands and cheaper drink prices. The pub was more commonly known in Barnet, at the time, for being one of the many that saw trouble every Friday/Saturday night and being pretty mainstream - leaving the top end of the High Street for the two student/indie/goth/metal pubs (The Moon Under Water and The Green Man) where the police never visited unless to check for underage drinking or possible drugs (apart from the time when The Green Man landlady went a bit loopy and called an armed response unit out on us - but that's another story and unrelated to this - or any - gig).

Anyway, deciding I guess to turn a slow Monday night in to some decent revenue The Dandy Lion launched it's "student" night and I must admit most of the student/alternative crowd responded very well. It helped that the first night they held featured two local bands that pretty much everyone knew but the DJ was really good and played an excellent mix of songs and the club ended up picking up popularity and became a regular Monday evening fixture for many of us. I can't remember everyone who was there but I know that Roger, Tracey, Donna, Will, Helen and Mike were certainly there and having fun :)

910204 Bogus Gods
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