Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG076: Shake! / Mano Toi - The Dandy Lion 18/02/91

GIG076: Shake! / Mano Toi - The Dandy Lion 18/02/91

These two bands played the local Monday night student indie night at one of the local pubs in Barnet. I believe this was the third week the pub was running the club night and it had already become a good way to kick off the week (or extend the weekend) with a lot of the regulars from The Moon Under Water and Green Man in Barnet (the two alternative/metal/student pubs in Barnet at the time) descending for a good nights entertainment.

I know Alex and Justin were there (because they are in my diary ;p) along with another friend called Emily who I sadly have lost contact with over the years. The two bands on this occasion were pretty mediocre (Shake!) to dire (Mano Toi). I can't remember anything about either, but I know I never saw or heard of either again.

Price: Unknown

910211 Laughterland
Tags: dandy lion, gig list, mano toi, shake!

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