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GIG079: Every New Dead Ghost / Felo De Se - The Dome 25/03/91

GIG079: Every New Dead Ghost / Felo De Se - The Dome 25/03/91

Tufnell Park on a Monday night in late March. The milling of black clad figures filing themselves into the downstairs 'venue' of The Dome. It could only really mean one thing.

There was a goth gig on.

Every New Dead Ghost was a Nottingham based band that lasted for a handful of years in the late 80's to about '92. They developed a decent following, released a few things, and were certainly more of the goth-rock side of the scene. I only saw them this one time, in the company of Emily and Jake, and quite enjoyed them. They didn't blow me away - but I'm glad I caught them when I did. The support act, Felo de Se (I'm pretty sure that's what they were called although not totally sure on the spelling) were very, very poor though.

Price: Unknown
Tags: every new dead ghost, felo de se, gig list, the dome

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