Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 081: Fields of the Nephilim / Drive - Town & County Club 29/04/91

GIG 081: Fields of the Nephilim / Drive - Town & County Club 29/04/91

This was only the second time I saw Fields of the Nephilim and, as it happened, their last gig. They were touring in support of the brilliant "Elyzium" album which is still one of my alltime favourite albums by any band and I'm pretty sure one of their live DVDs was filmed at this show.

The Neph were absolutely fantastic from the moment the preshow music died and the smoke machines started filling the venue until the last notes and farewells as the shadows on the stage departed. I was in my element and the Fields of the Nephilim rate up there amongst my alltime favourite gigs. I think I actually preferred this one to the time I'd seen them in Brixton (GIG017).

With me that night were a host of friends including Fabio, Roger, Emily, Tim, Gini, etc. Fantastic night and fantastic memories.

Price: £8.00

910429 Fields of the Nephilim
Tags: drive, fields of the nephilim, gig list, town & country club

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