Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 086: Shake / Big Brother - The Dandy Lion, Barnet - 28/05/91

GIG 086: Shake / Big Brother - The Dandy Lion, Barnet - 28/05/91

This threw me slightly as suddenly The Dandy Lions Monday alternative night was on a Tuesday courtesy of a long bank holiday weekend *and* they had two bands performing instead of the one (which obviously meant less time to bounce off each other to Ned's "Kill Your Television", Mudhoneys "Touch Me I'm Sick" or Jane's Addictions "Been Caught Stealing").

Despite everyone having the opportunity of partying for three days already this one had a very good turnout with loads of friends in attendance.

The bands were 'Shake' (whom we vaguely knew as they were another local band) and were alright and a band called 'Big Brother' whom I'd never heard of and weren't actually all that good.

But we partied away whilst Paris burned (possibly Paris was actually burning at that time as they were on the third day of rioting over there at that time).

910528 Shake
Tags: big brother, dandy lion, gig list, shake!

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