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GIG 091: All About Eve /Levitation - The Town & Country Club 14/09/91

GIG 091: All About Eve /Levitation - The Town & Country Club 14/09/91

All About Eve's "All About Eve" and "Scarlet And Other Stories" were two of my favourite albums from the late 80's. I'd been lucky enough to see All About Eve live twice before, both times at The Royal Albert Hall (GIGs 047 + 048) but The Town & Country Club in Kentish Town offered a different atmosphere. Whereas The Royal Albert Hall was all seating (and our seats were 'amongst the Gods') the T&C was standing downstairs which allowed people to actually dance and was also a smaller, more intimate venue. It still held a couple of thousand or so, but compared to the RAH it certainly felt more cozey.

This was also the first of a double-header again for the Eves as I went both on this night (a Saturday) and also the following night too. Both nights saw Levitation support, although I felt Levitation were better on the first night than the second. The Eves gave a really good show (as per usual) on the Saturday but for whatever reason the Sunday performance really kicked ass and was my favourite of the two.

I went with Dawn, Adam, Tim, Gini and Jake on the Saturday and Emily and Jake on the Sunday.

Price: £9.00

910914 All About Eve
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