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GIG 103: Rubicon / Le Faye - Brighton Pavilion Theatre - 16/10/92

GIG 103: Rubicon / Le Faye - Brighton Pavilion Theatre - 16/10/92

One of my favourite bands of the late 80's - all the way through to today - was Fields of the Nephilim. Sadly in the early 90's the band split up with lead singer, Carl McCoy, forming The Nefilim and the rest of the band forming Rubicon.

It was Rubicon who drew me down to Brighton on a Friday night to meet up with some close friends at uni there (Michelle & Martin) before a whole bunch of the London crowd descended on Brighton on the Saturday to meet up and spend the weekend with more of our Sussex University friends (quite a few of our circle ended up going to Sussex University so Brighton became a bit of a weekend destination for us for a while ;p).

Whilst The Fields of the Nephilim certainly fell pretty firmly in the 'goth' musical sphere Rubicon were slightly more headed towards the rockier/grunge sound that was becoming pretty popular round then. You could still tell their heritage - especially in the guitars - but with the change of lead singer the sound changed quite considerably.

I actually quite enjoyed Rubicon. In fact they were very good live, but then I was also listening to quite a bit of grunge, metal and rock at the time too. The support, Le Faye, were very good to and it was a great start to a brilliant weekend.

Price: £5.50

921016 Rubicon
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