Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 104: Christian Death / Marionettes - The Dome - 30/10/92

GIG 104: Christian Death / Marionettes - The Dome - 30/10/92

I was never a big fan of Christian Death, although I was a big fan of the Marrionettes (or The Screaming Marionettes as they were called before they dropped the 'Screaming' for some reason) - plus on top of everything else it was almost Halloween and what better way to go and celebrate than a goth gig? ;)

It was a Friday night, which had the double advantage of being able to do the gig and then hit the Electric Ballroom afterwards to continue the fun, and The Dome was pretty crowded. The Marionettes were good live playing a mix of their 'hits' such as Ave Dementia which got the crowd in the mood for Christian Death whom (I was surprised to say) were even better and I really enjoyed. Now I think I was lucky to see them for the first time when I did because I saw them a few times over the years and have to say I was less than impressed, but on this occasion they rocked and impressed me.

I was with Yvonne and Emily for the gig.

921030 Christian Death
Tags: christian death, gig list, the dome, the marionettes

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