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Angus' Top XX of 2013

I’ve been running my ‘Top xx’ of the year posts since 2004 on Live Journal. It’s a personal review of the year of my favourite films, books and bands, and sometimes other things (such as dvds or clubs I’ve been to – when I once lived in London and went clubbing on a regular basis atleast – le sigh).

I usually post this at the beginning of January, but it’s not unusual to be a few days late due to me not usually being at home on the 1st.

This covers 2013 – but has been streamlined to only include cinema trips and gigs. I saw a lot less bands in 2013 than in 2012 (largely down to going to Reading Festival in 2012 ;p) but hope to do more in the coming year.

Top 20 Films of 2013
20. Enders Game
19. Epic
18. Kick-Ass 2
17. Despicable Me 2
16. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
15. Pacific Rim
14. Iron Man 3
13. Anchorman 2
12. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
11. Oblivion
10. Thor 2
9. We’re the Millers
8. Machete Kills
7. Elysium
6. Man of Steel
5. Star Trek: Into Darkness
4. World War Z

3. Saving Mr. Banks
2. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
1. Rush
2013 saw a jump in the number of films I saw at the cinema from 2012. I managed to make it out to the silver screen 33 times, up from a lowly 25 in 2012, but still well down from the 45 trips in 2011, 49 in 2010, and 42 in 2009. Will I get back up to the 40’s in 2014? Who knows…
I didn’t see as many bands in 2013 but I did enjoy most of those I did manage to catch. Looking forward to 2014 as I should be seeing a lot more live music (I already have several gigs booked…) but here’s my Top 5 live bands of 2013…
Top 5 Live Bands of 2013
5. The Naked & Famous
4. 1000 Planets

3. The Mission
2. Fields of the Nephilim
1. Roger Waters “The Wall”

Anyway, that's it from 2013.
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