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Day 1 - First RPG Played
If you discount solitaire gamebooks such as the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ series, which I’d been playing for a year or so before experiencing my first tabletop Role Playing Game, then the first game I played was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

I’d just moved to the States and was living with my aunt and cousins in the countryside of Washington State (think Twin Peaks and Twilight). The first day I was in the States my uncle and cousins took me out shooting in a canyon. Firing off shots at tin cans. The next day two of my cousins (Jason and Matthew) told me about this game they played called ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. It sounded just like the Fighting Fantasy books but without the limitation of having a set of choices to follow – you could do anything, anything at all and influence the story. Plus you could play with friends. I was sold and we played that afternoon. I can’t actually remember my first character – I ‘think’ they were a Fighter or a Thief – probably a Thief as I remember asking to ‘Check For Traps’! Over the next few weeks I submerged myself in the Players Handbook, creating a bunch of characters, and played as often as my cousins were willing to run games. They quickly introduced me to another RPG called ‘Top Secret’ – which, as opposed to crawling through dungeons slaying goblins and giants, was a modern day/near future spy game.

I was 12 at the time and haven’t looked back :)


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