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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 5 - Most Old School RPG Owned


Day 5 – Most Old School RPG Owned

After a bit of digging round that new fangled thing called ‘the internet’ I’ve managed to get a better idea of what is meant by ‘Old School RPG’. I previously had the idea that it meant a game that was either published back in the 70’s/very early 80’s or had the design philosophy of that time (thus the ‘Old School Renaissance’ movement that has produced a number of titles in the last few years).

A real help was finding a meme on ‘List Challenges’ asking you how many of the ’90 Old School Tabletop RPGS’ have you played? In the meme it defines old school as ‘1983 and earlier pen and paper role playing games’ so that’s what I’m going with. You can find the actual meme at (I scored 44 by the way ;p).

So, what is the ‘Most Old School RPG’ I own?

I think I’m going to have to go with the classic 1976 Fantasy Games Unlimited ‘Bunnies & Burrows’ as I’m fairly sure that’s the oldest RPG I actually own. To be honest the version I have (which is in a box in the garage at the moment otherwise I’d take a photo of it) is possibly a print proof from around that time. I was sent a copy years ago by Scott at FGU as I was looking at producing a new edition of the game for a while. The copy he sent me just had a plain blue wrap around cover with ‘Bunnies & Burrows’ written in pen on the cover and whilst the inside was staple bound it looked like it was old type written pages. Without having that copy on hand I’ve found a picture of the first edition cover to share with you.

Now I loved Bunnies & Burrows – it was a great fun quirky little game where you played, er, intelligent Bunnies. It was obviously inspired by ‘Watership Down’ and you can probably do more with bunnies than you think (especially martial art proficient ones). I’ve only ever played the game in a few ‘one-shots’ but enjoyed every one of them… even if I did end up as roadkill on possibly more than one occasion…
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