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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 6 – Favourite RPG Never Get To Play


Day 6 – Favourite RPG Never get to play

Like, I suspect, many gamers I have a lot of games that I rarely (or have never) play. I’m going to rule out any game that I *have* played – even though there are loads I would love to play again but haven’t done in far too many years (TORG, 7th Sea, Deadlands, Marvel FASERIP, Fading Suns – I’m looking at you guys amongst others).

This still leaves a *massive* list of games that I’d love to play so choosing a favourite is still tricky.

I think the game I’d most like to play would be ‘Retrofutur’ –a French RPG that was released back in 2002 by Multisim. It’s a mix of science fiction and paranormal thriller set in an alternate 1950’s.

A century before contact was made with an ‘alien’ power who gave humanity new technology, in return for allowing them to settle on Earth, that changed the future course of our planet. The 1950’s is a violent, oppressive, urban world which has seen the growing presence of paranormal phenomena alongside ever increasing resistance movements. There are no governments, just specialised bureaucratic agencies that rule every aspect of life.

Upon character creation the players decide on which faction of the Resistance they join, and why they join. Some characters may also become a kind of medium who can interact and call upon the paranormal.

It has a very Noir feel to it and the core book, supplements &screen, have fantastic covers which originally caught my eye. I’m luckily enough to have managed to get pretty much a full set of the books before Multisim died and the game went out of print but, alas, have never managed to play it as yet.

retrofutur screen

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