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World of Darkness 2.0 UK Launch Party

I've hinted at this to a few people and can now confirm that Leisure Games will be holding the UK's Official World of Darkness 2.0/Vampire:The Requiem UK Launch Party in conjunction with White Wolf and Turbulent Soundscape on Friday 20th August.

More information will follow over the weekend when I can write up the belated press release but you'll be able to check the White Wolf and Leisure Games website for more information early next week.

I would have announced this sooner but it seems a few stray emails have held it up.

A signed copy of the rulebook will be given away to one lucky punter on the night who buys something from the trade stand. Other WoD 2.0 give-aways will include t-shirts and pins!

So come and party with us!!!!

Check back here for furtehr info (probably) tomorrow!

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