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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 8 – Favourite Character & (DAY 9) Favourite Die / Dice Set


(Day 8 & 9)

Day 8 – Favourite Character

Over the years I have played loads of different RPGs across pretty much every genre. This, in turn, has meant I’ve played loads of characters so being able to recall them all is nigh-on impossible and selecting my ‘favourite’ of the ones I do recall is also pretty tricky.

I could choose ‘George Tulip’ who started life out as a journalist before encountering the terrors that inhabited the ‘Weird Wild West’ of Deadlands. ‘Gallerie’, the sister of Jane Foster in one of our long-term Marvel (FASERIP) superhero campaigns, who could animate images and play with light. There’s a very strong case in me choosing ‘Alexander Merrick’, the Tremere that I played in the Camarilla for almost a decade who rose from being a member of the London Chantry to being the Pontifex of the Commonwealth (and Prince of London on more than one occasion) but as he was a Live Action Character I’m ruling him out of the running.

So, my favourite character? I think I’d have to go with ‘McHeath’ – a shape changing spider demon who was a North London/Camden based enforcer/debt collector for the underworld and was a really nasty piece of work. Some of the things he did actually grossed out some of the other players at points (I think it pretty much started in one of his first scenes where he drowned a dog in Camden Canal to make a point to a couple of drug-addicted homeless teens what would happen to them if they didn’t pay up next time he saw them). He was a very, very dark character but was also a realist and would protect those who showed loyalty, whose ‘skills’ were useful or he respected (and surprisingly he respected those who did stand up to him as long as they weren’t people who ‘owed’ his boss anything and were just trying to get out of paying their dues). One of the other characters girlfriends became impregnated by an angel/demon and he helped protect her (and keep whose baby it was a secret) as he considered her an innocent who hadn’t allowed herself to be corrupted – just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The characters had the ability to enter the Shadow World through reflections – mirrors, puddles with enough light that they should reflections, etc – and where trying to help protect ‘our Earth’ from the horrors that lived just a thin veil away.

The game was very loosely based on the ‘Nightbane RPG’ (Palladium Games) idea but with a lot of things added and/or removed as our GM made it his own.

McHeath was probably the nastiest character I’ve ever played in many ways and very different in personality and outlook to the ones I usually create. I think that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed playing him so much – because he was just so different from my usual choices. Plus having an absolutely fantastic setting, GM and other players also contributed to all of that.

Day 9 – Favourite Die / Dice Set

I’m not only doing both ‘Day 8 & 9’ in one post because I missed updating yesterday but also because I don’t feel (for me) that Day 9 needs a separate post.

As far as Dice are concerned I don’t have a favourite one or set. I often buy a new set when I play a new campaign. I got a orange marbled set when I played ‘Deadlands: The Weird West’ and a Nuclear Green set when I played ‘Hell on Earth’ as the die sort of matched the signature colours of the rulebooks for instance.

When I was a teen I ended up buying hundreds (literally) of die. Simon, one of my best friends at school whom I RPG’d with for years, and I sort of fell into an escalating ‘Dice War’. Everytime we’d go into Leisure Games we’d usually ask Tony (the owner) how many dice the other had picked up and then buy more. I could get by without buying another dice in several lifetimes but, of course, I will as soon as I get to a convention and see the ‘Pretty Things’ ;p

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