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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 12 – Old RPG you still play / own


Day 12 – Old RPG you still play / read

I guess the key here is how you define ‘old’. Is a game published in the 90’s considered old these?

Considering the amount of games I’ve played, let alone brought, over the years and how many of them I enjoy and would still love to play given half a chance the list of contenders here ‘should’ be pretty long. However I don’t play as much as I’d like at present and also don’t usually have a lot of spare time to read games (old or new) unless it’s connected to work.

That said I’ve managed to get this down to three games – two that I have actually been reading again recently (Marvel FASERIP and Kult) and the third of which I played not so long ago. I’m going to go with the one I’ve played most recently of the three though and that is….

I *love* Cthulhu (and it’s quite possible it will be making further appearances as the month progresses ;p) and love the horror/investigation aspect of the game. I love the fact that your Investigator is ultimately doomed and you’re sometimes wanting to *FAIL* that Spot check so you don’t see that hidden little artefact that will drive you insane and unleash nameless terrors into the world. Some of my favourite campaigns, and one-shots, have been Cthulhu games.

Whilst I will say that I do prefer the 1920/30’s eras for play I also really enjoy playing the game in other times – be they the Victorian Gaslight period, Modern times, the future or another historical period such as during the Crusades or Ancient Rome.

call of cthulhu 1st
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