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#RPGaDAY Day 15 – Favourite Convention Game


Day 15 – Favourite Convention Game

Although I’ve been attending conventions since the mid-80’s it has only been in the last five years that I’ve actually managed to ‘play’ a few RPG ‘Convention Games’. I’d played some board and card games at Cons over the years – and also some LARP – but most of the time I’d either be working at the convention for Leisure Games, Cubicle 7 or Chronicle City, or running the convention in regards to Dragonmeet and a few smaller cons.

I guess you could say the first ‘convention game’ I was involved in was back in the early 90’s when we were running demos of ‘Dark Winter’ (a cyberpunk miniature skirmish game we developed and published with Network X) but that was still from an ‘organisational’ point of view as opposed to being an actual player.

The first ‘Con Game’ I played in was with Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton just before they released Clockwork & Chivalry (which we published at Cubicle 7) which was great fun but I think my ‘favourite’ Con game is one of the following two…

Victoriana (OddCon) run by Nimrod Jones.

Victoriana was a game that I *loved*. I liked the first edition so much that I ended up buying Heresy Games (the original publisher) and merged the company with Cubicle 7 which I’d recently started. We worked on the second edition, based upon the notes that Heresy had already started themselves, and eventually released the Second Edition a few years later. I was lucky enough to play one of Nimrod’s Victoriana games at OddCon, a small yearly convention in Telford that ran over a weekend. The game was part of a series he’d written over a few years using the same characters and ‘meta plot’ but were easy to run as stand-alone games where the players didn’t need to have played the earlier instalments. It involved the British Museum and Egyptian artefacts and was fantastically good fun.

Dead of Night (Continuum) run by Scott Dorward.

Anyone who has played one of Scott’s games knows they are brilliant. This was not only the first time I played with Scott but also the first time I played the brilliant ‘Dead of Night’ which was written and designed by Andrew Kenrick. We were orphans during the London blitz of World War 2 and strange things were afoot. If you ever get a chance to play Dead of Night please give it a go and if you ever get a chance to play anything Scott runs get your name on the sign-up sheet as quick as you can!

dead of night
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