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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 16 – Game You Wish You Owned


Day 16 – Game You Wish You Owned

I own *a lot* of RPGs. Side effect of a combination of having work in the industry one way or another for close to 30 years and being a massive fan. So instead of posting about a rulebook or supplement that I wish I had on the bookshelf I’m going to do something a bit different and choose a game that I wish I *owned* the rights too so I could publish and develop the game line.

Now even that list isn’t particularly short as there are tons of excellent gamelines out there that I’d love to be part of but I’m going to opt for ‘TORG’ which was originally published by West End Games back in 1990. I actually looked at acquiring the rights to TORG twice. Once when Humanoids were running West End Games and in the process of closing it down and then a few years later when Eric Gibson (who had brought West End Games) was looking at selling the various IP’s that the company owned and winding it down.

Now apart from ‘rebooting’ the main game and ‘The Possibility Wars’ I’d also look at making each of the Cosms a standalone setting that people could base entire campaigns in *or* use as part of the wider Possibility War. Some of the Cosms, such as the Victorian Horror ‘Orrosh’, would make fantastic settings to base an extended campaign in. I’d also look at creating an ‘Open Realm License’ to allow other companies and designers to create their own Realms which could then either be integrated into the TORG setting, if a games group wanted, or used as a standalone game in conjunction with the core rulebook. This way each group could tailor their game with the Settings they prefer and even bring in other companies ‘Realities’ into their shared universe if they so wished.

I loved TORG when it came out and still love TORG now and I’d love to see a new edition come out (one is apparently in the works for 2015 by German based publisher ‘Ulisses’ according to a recent DriveThruRPG Newsletter). I’ll certainly be picking up a copy as soon as it does (and dreaming of the day I might be able to buy the IP ;p).

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