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Angus Abranson

#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 17 - Funniest Game You've Played


Day 17 – Funniest Game You’ve Played

Many of the games we play tend to end up containing a fair bit of humour even though pretty much all of them aren’t “comedy” games in the way games such as Paranoia, Tales of the Floating Vagabond, Ghostbusters and Discworld are.
So with that in mind it’s very hard for me to choose the ‘funniest’ game I’ve ever played in. I think I’m going to have to go with Iron Kingdoms though. We played the d20 version of Iron Kingdoms and I love the setting and had a fantastic time playing through The Witchfire Trilogy. One way or another though – either through in-character situations arising, botching dice rolls, or just because of the comedy the players brought to the game and their characters, it ended up having quite a number of very funny/strange moments. In fact both Dom and myself took it as a challenge that we had to reduce atleast one of the other players to tears of laughter atleast once per session – which we often achieved with great effect.

So, for that reason, Iron Kingdoms is my choice for the ‘Funniest Game I’ve Played’.

iron kingdoms character guide

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