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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 22 - Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

My #RPGaDAY in August fell short due to an emergency with my girlfriends brother being rushed into hospital. I'm not going into the details about that here but he's still there and not well. Anyway my last entry was on the 21st August so I'm going to start up from the 22nd and finish it off - even though they will all be 'September' entries now.

So... on to RPGaDAY #22...


Day 22 – Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

I’m not entirely sure what the ‘best’ secondhand RPG purchase I’ve made over the years – mainly because I’m not entirely sure what I’ve brought secondhand. Most of my purchases over the years have been new – either as they’re released, from traders at conventions or off the shelf from really good ‘all round’ stockist retail stores who carry extensive ‘backlist’ products as well as the brand new ‘hotness’.

I thought about listing the complete collection of White Dwarf magazines I picked up years ago, #1 to something like #180 all in binders! A real find that I treasured but I ended up auctioning the set off for Charity a few years ago so no longer have those.

Instead I’ve gone for a game that I sold in a massive clearout back in 2001 then regretted so much that I contacted the company I sold it to and rebrought it under two weeks later.

I had hundreds of RPGs & supplements that I decided to trim – mainly old AD&D and Runequest books but lots of other things alongside those – and called a friend (Colin Wheeler who at the time ran one of Britains biggest second hand games companies) to come over and reap the rewards of my then 15 year old collection. I remember filling the boot of his car, the backseats of his car and even the passenger seat of his car full of boxes of the games he was taking off my hands. If it wasn’t the need for space and a bit of cash at the time I don’t think I’d have sold any of them to be honest. I have a massive collection still and that’s after numerous occasions of selling off loads of them (sobs) but part of my dreams/dreads what it would have been like had I not decided to sell all the books I have done over the years…

Anyway, amongst the piles of games I sold to Colin was a superhero game. Now whilst I had not actually played this superhero game I am a massive fan of the superhero games and genre. I’m not quite sure why I thought it was a good idea to part with this particular copy but I pretty much instantly regretted. I tried to ignore my pangs of regret but think I only held them at bay for maybe 10 days before I rang Colin up in the hope that he hadn’t sold it yet. He hadn’t so I brought it back off him and Chaosium’s Superworld was mine once more.

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