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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 27 - Game You’d Like To See A New/Improved Edition Of…


Day 27 – Game You’d Like To See A New/Improved Edition Of…
There are lots of games that I’d like to see new/improved editions of. Some people are well aware of my interest in (Kult, Cyperpunk 2020, TORG…) but the one I’m choosing for todays entry is one that few people will be aware of outside of France.

Scales was published in 1994 by Asmodee (who are now much better known as a board game publisher) and was designed by Croc, Stephane Bura and G E Ranne. It’s set in a world which is pretty much the same as ours but has mythical elements that have existed long before humanity came about on our own planet.

In Scales players play the descendants of one if the 13 ‘Elder’ Dragons who, often at the beginning of the game, may not realise their true heritage as they exist in ‘human form’ and have undergone their first change. The characters are indeed shape-shifting dragons whose bloodline can be traced back to one of the great dragons – as indicated by the colour of dragon they change into (which will also dictate certain powers, allegiance, etc). In some aspects the game could be thought of as Vampire: The Masquerade but where you play Dragons instead of Vampires. Whilst this is not wholly true there are certainly a number of similarities between the two.

The younger Dragons (PCs) end up at odds with their elders as they were born on Earth and consider it their home whilst the Elder Dragons came to the planet to mine it for the planets magical essence which helps power their travel between worlds/dimensions. Due to the Dragons draining of this magical mana much magic has been disappearing from the world over the centuries – thus many native ‘magical’ creatures of Earth have vanished from the world and fallen into myths and legends of humanity. However some magical creatures still exist and are trying to stop the Dragons mana drain (and thus save themselves from eventual extinction). It is with these other creatures that many of the younger Dragons have more sympathy with which causes a lot of internal friction and politics with their forefathers.
The original game only had four books and a GM Screen released for it (The core rulebook, Politics, Magic and Technology). A fifth book (Nature) was planned but never released.

Another game set in the same “cosmoverse” was also released in 2000 called ‘Prophecy’ which is a fantasy medieval setting.

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