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Day 30 – Rarest RPG Owned

Rarest RPG could be taken two ways. Either as a game which printed/sold so little hardly anyone has seen or heard of it, let alone ‘owns’ a copy or it could mean that it’s a “holy grail” to collectors that passes hands for shed loads of cash on the rare occasion that one becomes available.

I’m however going to go with a third, rather unique, option and that’s a “Roleplaying Game which has been customised for me” – so it’s pretty much unique and one of a kind (although Julian Hayley did see my copy and promptly ordered a custom job for himself ;p).

For this I’m selecting my unique and customised ‘Airship Pirates RPG’. A fantastic game by Cakebread & Walton based upon the world of Abney Park – a Seattle based Steampunk band.

The game is brilliant in the first place and the core rulebook is really nice without any tinkering but I asked a couple of friends (Kate Lawrence & Nathan Gill of Bedlamites Boutique (http://www.bedlamitesboutique.co.uk) to “punk” my copy into something unique and wonderful… and they far surpassed what I had hoped for.

They bound the book in leather, with purple satin interior, and a couple of leather straps to fasten it shut. In the centre of the front cover is the Airship Pirates logo which actually contains a battery operated plasma disc which has two settings. The first is to constantly flicker in a lightning style across its face and the second is noise activated so it lights-up to voices, music, etc. The front cover also has an engraved cogworkmotif on it which has also been coated in a luminous paint so it glows under UV. It was finished off with brass rivets and buckles J

It’s an all-round lovely piece of work :)

airship 1

airship 2


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