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GIG 115: Daisy Chainsaw – Camden Palace – 09/03/93

GIG 115: Daisy Chainsaw – Camden Palace – 09/03/93

I can’t believe the last entry in my trip down live music ‘memory lane’ was back on 24th October 2013 when I wrote up the Vedemmian / Incubus Succubus gig (#114) at the Dome. My closing line in that review was “We all went straight from this to Camden Palace to see Daisy Chainsaw - but that's GIG 115 and I'll write about that in a few days :)” – well I guess 559 days is ‘a few’ as in ‘a few too many’!!! Let’s see if I can get this little slice of reminiscence back on track…

After seeing the Vendemmian gig at the Dome we headed to the underground and the three stops between Tufnell Park and Mornington Crescent to finish the night off at Camden Palace and the ‘Feet First’ club.

Feet First always had a live band on around midnight and we were quite keen on getting to see this evenings entertainment as it was none other than ‘Daisy Chainsaw’. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to any of us until the band got on stage, their charismatic and slightly insane lead singer KatieJane had just quit the band (possibly even earlier that day) which left their guitarist, Crispin, to handle vocal duties which, in hindsight, was very brave of him. Going from a quirky female led band to having your male guitarist take over last-minute vocal duties must have been a nerve wracking experience for both Crispin and the band.  Given everything Crispin did well but he wasn’t KatieJane and it didn’t really work for us. I’ve since heard Crispin in other bands and he was good – but the material for Daisy Chainsaw had been performed, and became known, for the female vocals so it grated on us. Still, the night was a great evening all told and I think we eventually rolled in just after 4am – even if I did pay for it having to go to work a few hours later…

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