Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GIG 116: Fibrehead / Compulsion – Borderline – 07/04/93

GIG 116: Fibrehead / Compulsion – Borderline – 07/04/93

I’d just started going out with a girl called Sue just over a week before this gig and it was the first one we went to together. We’d actually got tickets (before we started seeing each other) for Guns N’ Roses at Milton Keynes Bowl for the end of May (GIG 119) but hooking up when we did meant our mutual gig-going started that much earlier.

I can’t remember much about either band. Compulsion were the opening act and impressed a lot looking at my notes. They were also the more successful of the two bands getting some clubland plays both in the UK and Stateside and also individually as their guitarist (Garret Lee) later went on to become a music producer and has worked with bands such as U2 and Snow Patrol and I saw their drummer (Jan-Willem Alkema) performing with China Drum some years late. I wasn’t so keen on Fibrehead.

Tags: borderline, compulsion, fibrehead, gig list

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