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So Many Things InSide My Head

Well going on inside my head in anycase.

On top of an already busy and tiring day I whacked my head at work on the stairwell coming up from the basement. It left me seeing several pretty colours for an hour or so, including some rather interesting displays of white spots, and a headache which has lived with me for the best part of the afternoon and evening so far. Finally allowed myself to take a few painkillers so hopefully they'll kick in when I give them a chance by jumping off this machine.

Work is very busy at the moment. Not so much sales-wise (unfortunately) but more in the generally maintainence, catching up, and making further plans-wise. I should really be putting in a hell of alot more overtime than I am but, dammit, I get tired sometimes you know and also have a lot of other things on my plate at the moment which need attention too.

Something is going to have to give sooner rather than later though. I can't juggle this many things and keep all the balls in the air. And I hate dropping those damn balls so it's better (for me and the ball) to place it to one side and let someone else pay the attention to it that it needs. The ball will enjoy it more and I'll have more time to spend on the remaining balls, which means I'll feel less stressed about things.

At the moment I have a day off tomorrow. This is good if it remains that way (I'll find out by 10am tomorrow morning...) and I am hoping it does remain that way. I have things to do at home tomorrow and would also like to get a little bit of R&R time for myself. Especially as I'll probably be sleeping through most of Saturday due to exhaustion from staying up all night working Synthetic Culture. Although depending on how things go we might wrap the stand up a couple of hours early and either go home and crash or party out with everyone else. I'd also like to think we'd be able to have a private after-show party back at mine for a select few but I think everyone will be too knackered :p

I have a million thoughts and images flowing through my brain at the moment. The old electrodes must be going hell-to-leather. I wish I had the time, ability, and freshness of mind to commit them down to paper (or machine) but I'm too tired. I'm going to go to bed wired, have some fantasticly strange and f**ked-up dreams and then not remember them tomorrow morning no doubt. Oh well, at least my mind gets its fix of cinematic entertainment tonight even if I won't recall much of it!

I need to write. I need to create. I need to let loose. I need therefor I am.

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