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Scarlett Johansson

After discovering her in Lost In Translation at the weekend I decided to check her bio and was surprised to see that I've previously seen her in three other films which I really enjoyed. They are Eight Legged Freaks, Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn't There. I remember (now) the characters she played in each of them but I guess she was a bit too young for me to fancy at the time. Now she's hit a ripe old 20 years I reckon it's more PC ;-p


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Current Book: Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Current Comic: Fables by Vertigo


Go out and read them. As Tony the Tiger would say.... There G-R-R-R-E-A-T!


..and other ramblings

Ramble 1

Got the new Greenhaus album on Sunday when i was trawling the streets of London. It's called another life and I'm playing it now for the first time. Apart from the fact that Track 2 seems to be jumping (I feel a swap coming on Sister Ray!) I'm not all that impressed by it. That's a shame as I've seen Greenhaus live several times and really enjoy their gigs - I also like the previous material I have of their's so I know it's not because they can't come off well on recorded format. Ho hum.


The following lyrics struck me though (although the actual song isn't very good):


"Once I had a dream

you were coming back to me

we were holding each other

then you disappeared again, forever,

It's that time again

when I feel the pain

it's that time again

when I lose again.


Its that time of the year

when its crying for you

its that time of the year

when I'm losing you"


Ramble 2

Tonights been fairly relaxed. Dave Keyes came on over and joined Dave (flatmate) and me to watch Battle Royale. I hadn't seen it for about 18 months so it was great to watch again - brillant film and I can't wait for Battle Royale 2 to finally come out in Britain. I have a pile (well 7 is a pile in my book) of Tartan Asia Extreme DVDs which I have to get round to watching soon. I brought them a few weeks ago and they've just sat in my room unloved and unopened. Some I have seen before but wanted on DVD (the brilliant Ring and Audition being these) others I brought on impulse or reccomendation (such as The Eye and Bangkok Dangerous) so we'll see....

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