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Well done to my good friend Mr.Toad. Having play-tested this game it is SICK (in capitals) and deserves all of you warped-minded bastards and bastardettes to pick up a copy!


Pie Shop is a stand alone RPG with some additional rules for OGL system games. It will be available in a preview edition at Gen-Con Indy 2004. Look for the Crimson Empire/Magnificent Egos booth. The final edition will appear at Dragonmeet, London in December 2004, when the full web site will go live as well.

Pie Shop is a modern day game setting, and possibly one of the most twisted and unpleasant RPGs you are ever likely to find.
It isn’t cool; it is dark, nasty and dirty.
You won’t like it.
Neither will your parents, teachers, religious leaders and moral guardians.
To explain it in too much detail may create difficulties when circulating this press release.

So let’s just say that Pie Shop is best served cold with guava beans, and a nice Chianti
You can find out more at the website


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