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It takes being ill to update this thing ...... damn it

So, almost six months since my last post and why am I here now?

Because I'm ill and stuck at home.

Maybe this is the kick up the backside I need to get back (re: start) updating this journal and caring for it like I should. I WANNA BE A NET-ADDICT TOO! I envy some of you, my friends, who manage to read and post every day. Community-spirit goes a long way I guess.

Anyway, I am now into my third week of being on/off work due to illness. It has so far ruined my social life by stopping me from going out clubbing (twice), to a friends wedding reception, cutting short my visit to my Mums for her birthday, and a missed gig (Evanescence at Brixton on Monday) to name just a few things I'm bitter about.

After taking a course of penicillin I've now been perscribed some antibiotics that I can start taking after this weekend if I'm still feeling ill. I've also now been told I have toncilitus (spelling?) so even if I got a chance (GOD - JUST A CHANCE!) to pull at B-Movie this weekend (if I am well enough to go--- grrrrr) I can't.

You watch. I'll go and have to fight people off me this week....... grrrr

All that said though life is going fairly well. I posted out the 2004 Release Schedule for SLA Industries to a number of news sites and mailing lists and have been talking to people and answering questions about both the SLA schedule and the other publishing plans that Cubicle 7 has.

Been reading through Philip Pullmans Northern Lights (first part in the His Dark Materials Trilogy) which is excellant and well worth the read. I'd never paid it any attention until it was voted into the top 21 in the BBC Big Read. I'd read (or knew) all the other books there but was surprised by His Dark Materials. I don;t know what I thought the series was beforehand (probably some dodgy third-rate fantasy) as I had seen advertising for the last in the series when it was released (Amber Spyglass) all over the tubes and magazines. Glad I eventually found it though. I've just blitzed Amazon buying up a load of his back catalog too.

Also (and this is probably the illness talking) been ploughing my way through the end of Friends Series 8 and Series 9. I used to be a big fan of Friends but stopped watching/buying them halfway through Series 8 for some reason. Now that I have a TV/DVD/Video in my bedroom and am feeling poorly I got hold of the missing videos and have started catching up. Must say they are a pretty good watch when you need cheering up as you wallow in bed.

Anyway, going to piss off now. I might speak to you all again tomorrow or in another six months time ;-p

Take care folks!


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