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Story Time

HI folks,

I've been meaning to do this for a while and finally though 'fuck it' and did it this afternoon. I have a second LJ account which I've kept vacant for months with plans on using it for my short stories, fiction and poetry. No 'real life' issues will be discussed there, nor will there be any 'Invasion of the Meme' which I tend to be partial to on occasions.

daver2323  has been running his account in a fictional style quite successfully but I'll be handling mine in a slightly different way. Whereas Davers 'Ocean Game' is an on-going and open-ended project the stories that appear in my account could be very short or arced. It totally depends on how I'm feeling about each and also on positive/negative feedback I may receive.

Anyway if you head over to tragic_london  I've posted up the beginnings of four short stories. If you like one please post a comment and let me know. The one that receives the most comments (if any of them do ;-p) will be continued. I'm not planning on posting something new in tragic_london  every day but will do so at least once a week.

Take care and have fun, Angus


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