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Today is going well so far.....

I couldn't really ask for a better day (so far anyway).

Woke up in the middle of night (had sex), woke up this morning (had sex), got complemented by a lovely young indian girl in the shop who said I was wasted working in finchley with such lovely hair and blue eyes (didn't have sex though...), am about to finish working as I'm on half day today due to the launch party this evening.

davedevil is running a free guest-pass competition to tonights event at Synthetic Culture and one way to get it is to write 100 words on why you want to go and meet me at the club and have a chance in winning a signed copy of the books, which gave me a smile (although I want to read the answers Dave!).

I'm really looking forward to this evening. Loads of people seem to be coming down so it'll feel like a big party with loads of friends ON TOP of being an ace club in the first place.

It's also a couple of friends birthdays (Happy Birthday Delphine!! Happy Birthday Louisa!!) and a close friend texted me for the first time in ages so I know she's still talking to me (yay!!).

Today I am a happy bunny. YAY!!!

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