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Books, Books, Glorious Books

I have to try and sort out this habit of impulse book buying. I HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY GODDAMNIT!!!! Not to mention that I'm moving in a few weeks and will have to lug them over to the new house - and I really could do without adding more junk and boxes into the mix as it stands.

Anyway the current crop of purchases seem to indicate that my mind is thinking about spiritual matters. Not sure that's true but something in my subconcious seems to be pushing me in that direction. The recent doorstops are:

The Essential Tao
The Essential Mystics
Essential Tibetan Buddhism
Essential Zen
If the World Were a Village (interesting facts and figures)
London Bridge: A Visual History (for a writing project I'm doing)

I just hope I get round to reading them sooner or later ;-p

Anyway, tonight I'm heading up to North Finchley to meet up with a friend (Sarah) for a few drinks so this is probably my last post of the day. Just hope I get to sleep earlier than 3.30am which is the time I ended up finally crashing last night.

Feel ok today though.

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