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While the world slumbers....

Today, I work.
I've ignored my Sunday work commitments for too many weeks so am putting in a full days worth of time and energy to getting myself vaguely up-to-date in the day job.
Working today also means that I have Wednesday off (recent Wednmesday have eitehr been taken off with holiday-time or because of last months overtime surplus I'd gained).
Thanks to everyone who came to the World of Darkness 2 Launch Party on Friday night. It was a good night and we sold more copies than I thought we would. There were quite a few people there for the event - even if many drifted in and out and the only crowds were really when the club first open its doors and at the stroke of midnight when the frothing began. I'll post a proper mini-report about it shortly - possibly tonight when I get home if I stay home this evening. Thanks especially to sue_b  and Nicole who helped me with the stand and for pond823  for providing the car and driving duties for the evening.

Did anyone find the Alien Queen on Friday? I had a search round the club and couldn't see it? Sarah caught some of the Extreme British Wrestling (which she found amusing I think, but hardly extreme).

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great to see a lot of old faces again whom I'd not seen in a while. Does anyone know if Tiffany, Robert or Jon Ball have LJ's by the way? If they do please pass me their User Names as I'd like to befriend them ;-p

Anyway, back to work.

This afternoons post has been brought to you courtesy of The Great Kebab and sponsored by the Letters A and S.

Love ya!!!


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