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It's A Friday Update!!!!

I think I'm either coming down with a cold or have developed an allegy over something. I keep randomly sneezing today and it is getting rather irritating.

In other news - there's only two of us in work today. Keyvans still on his honeymoon, Mike has Fridays off and Sean was ill. This is further compounded by it being Andy's last day before he goes off and starts Teacher Training. What a great last day, extra work!!! :p

Tonight is going to be difficult. I have to go for a quick drink with Andy after work, then try and get home and shower before heading down to Camden for Robs birthday drink. All of this without having anything to drink myself and trying to keep my 'cigarette intake' this week close to the TWO it currently stands on (I had one Tuesday and one earlier today). I'm not trying to give up smoking but would like to cut down. The non-drinking is because I've got to get up early tomorrow as I have a packed day (which might be thrown into disarray if Sean can't make it into work and I get called in - which I'm seriously hoping does not happen). If I do manage to make it to Rob's I'm not sure how long I'll last, I'm already knackered (which is dangerous as I might want to drink :p)

I have a £50 bet that I won't drink any Diet Coke (or Coke-related product) during the month of September APART from as a mixer in Southern Comfort (I needed to get that clause into the bet :p). Will I succeed? I think I probably will, but it'll be interesting to see if I'm a secret coke addict or not.

Anyway, back to work....

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