Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Second Hand Games (and art)

Hi folks,

I've just come into possesion of a very large collection of second hand RPGs and wargames. Pretty much all of it is TSR/WotC material ranging from first edition D&D to 2nd Edition AD&D, Marvel RPG, Top Secret, Gangbusters, Boot Hill, Amazing Engine, etc. Some of it is still even shrinkwrapped and the majority of it is in excellent or near mint condition.

I'm going to be cataloging it all over the next week or so but if anyoen has something they'd like me to look out for please let me know.

There are also hundreds of art 'cells' for the front covers of pretty much all of the TSR books printed in the UK/Europe. These are obviously pretty unique and will never be made again. If anyone would like any (favourite book covers, a bit of gaming history - whatever reason) please let me know and make me an offer. I also have access to quite a bit of signed artwork but these will either be ebayed off or sold off at conventions or convention auctions. I also don't have a list of the artwork at present but there's material from most of the famous (and infamous) artists there.

Also, signed copies of books (Limited Edition Alternity, etc) and some old boardgames (Dungeon, D&D Trivia Game, etc).

If interested either drop me a line at home on or give me a shout.

Me and my cold are now going back to checking boxes of goodies.... feels like Christmas :p

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