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Forgotten Music

One of the downsides of listening to CDs these days is that I don't pay my old cassette and vinyl collections much attention. Indeed both of these have spent the best part of four years sitting around ignored in a garage.

I had to recently move everything to the house (as we'd moved six months ago I thought I'd better) and the Great Sorting has begun. So far I've only attacked the cassettes. Most have ended up in the bin. They are either albums I have upgraded to CD, copies of albums or compilations, etc. Some (about 50 at last count) went home with Sarah as she still listens to cassettes at home and to/from work. These were largely things like Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and such like. Titles that I had on pretty much all formats for some reason (LP/CD/Cassette).

Some, I have kept. Probably 30 in total. Today I started to listen to them, and boy have they brought back some memories. The two I've played so far are Ugly As Sin - a small British band around in the late 80's who sadly never got anywhere. Their single -Pain- was a song I played repeatedly and I still love. I only ever caught them live once at the old Marquee Club in London and they blew me (and about the other dozen people there). It was a shame they never got anywhere.

The other band, which also never managed to get anywhere, were a US rock outfit originally called Dear Mr. President (they had to later change their name and reissue their debut album under the name Flesh & Blood due to White House intervention). They got a little bit of airplay on Radio One's Rock Show at the same time that Guns & Roses started making noises in the late 80's. The album is a great alternative rock album and has some really haunting songs. 'Hey Daddy, Have You Ever Been Arrested?' and 'Fate' are just two of the highlights from a very fine debut outting. I must try and find out what happened to them one day. Another 'Google' opportunity I feel.

Anyway, after the successful trip down memory lane to my teenage years I'm looking forward to listening to some more of my little lost memories.

Oh, my cold is alot better today too which is SO GOOD!!!

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