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(News) Self Harm, Cannibal Holocaust, Nigerian Tranvestite, more Cannibals...

I realised I hadn't done a news round-up recently, so here are a few stories that might interest you that you may not have seen:

65pc Rise in Calls by Self-Harm Children (Guardian On-Line; Sunday 5th September 2004)

Cannibal Holocaust, which is mentioned in this article is actually a damn fine film. I was incredibly surprised when I finally saw it a couple of years ago as it was quite different from what I was expecting and was, in many ways, a for-runner to films such as The Blair Witch Project. Italian B-Movie Maestros Get Ttarantino Treatment (Guardian On-Line; Sunday 5th September 2004)

Japan has been battered quite soldily today. What with two sizable earthquakes, a typhoon and reports of tidal waves heading their way... Elements Wreck Havoc On Japanese (BBC On-Line; Sunday 5th September 2004)

Transvestite Trail The Talk Of Nigeria (BBC On-Line; Wednesday 1st September 2004)

hehe, Rammsetin even get name-checked in this story... Cannibal Signs Over Media Rights (BBC On-Online; Friday 3rd September 2004)



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