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Who needs Science Fiction?

A European Space Agency chief scientist has said we should create a DNA Library to be based on the moon. This would allow Earth's diversity of life to continue should the Earth itself fall foul of a nuclear holocaust or asteroid strike. Noah's Ark Plan from top Moon Man (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 8th September 2004)


Sep. 8th, 2004 04:01 am (UTC)
The only problem with this is that neither nuclear holocaust, Asteroids or pissing around with the enviroment will have a great impact on the earth's diversity of life. it may kill us and most stuff bigger than a hamster but so did the other extinctions. you'd then have the situation (assuming we lived on the moon as well) of returning an animal species from to the earth that died because it couldn't adapt to the new ecological situation so it would just die again or go wild and reproduce like mad. We'll forget that the moon doesn't have any atmosphere (or nightlife) and thus the first solar flare would scrample the DNA in any bank to a useless pile of crud.

Raptous crowd - "Hurrah... the return of the noble panda. A sign that after so many years of death and destruction we have turned the tide in building a new world"

Panda - "where the fuck is the bamboo?"

Crowd - "bollocks"


Raptous crowd - "Hurrah... after the failure of the panda we have returned from the moon with the noble mouse"


Crowd 10 years later - "Hurrah.. after the over success of returning the mouse we have returned from the moon with cat to deal with mice"


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