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oldmotherchaos  (aka Tim) has a very interesting story about the manipulation of the American media in his LJ. CHECK THIS OUT. Fox basically used the First Ammendment as an excuse to use false and/or inacurate stories and got away with it in a court of law!!!!!!


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Sep. 9th, 2004 06:03 pm (UTC)
You think that's scarey... look at this...
Book Reviews: The Underground History of American Education
Author: John Taylor Gatto

Summary: A damning look at the institution of modern compulsory schooling and the factors which brought it about.

"The true purpose of schooling," according to Gatto, "is to produce an easily manageable workforce to serve employers in a mass-production economy. Actual education is a secondary and even counterproductive result since educated people tend to be more difficult to control."

John Taylor Gatto is a former New York City school teacher. During his 30-year career, he has taught at 5 different public schools, has had his teaching license suspended twice for insubordination, and was once covertly terminated while on medical leave. He has also won the New York City Teacher of the Year award three times and the New York State Teacher of the Year award once during the final year of his career. The whole time he has been an outspoken critic of the school system. Nine years after leaving his career, he published The Underground History of American Education, in which he puts forth his insider's vision of what is wrong with American schooling. His verdict is not what you'd expect: the school system cannot be fixed, Gatto asserts, because it has been designed not to educate.

He has a point - no doubt about it...

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