Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

B-Movie and Saturday Laziness

I managed to beat Irish Claire and her new bloke, Michael, to bmovie  by about 5 minutes on Friday night. I'd just walked through the door and had wiggled my way to the bar when I got a text from Claire saying she was at Kings Cross and if I could give her directions. So, I left my nice bar space, sans drink, and went down to meet them. It was really good to see Claire again as the last time I saw her was in April before she went back to Dublen for the summer. Michael is also a really nice guy and we ended up getting along really well. Be good to see him back in london again at soempoint.

It was B-Movie's 2nd birthday party and it seemed that everyone was well up for the party. The music was good, the dancing was energetic and the people were, as always, very friendly. Finally met cavalorn  for the first time as he and serpentstar  (who crashed over at ours) were down for a meeting the next day. pond823  and myself ended up 'gothing-out' to Sisters of Mercy which was incredibly fun and I was reasonably pissed. My general state of tipsy-ness was not helped by downing what I reckon was a third or half a bottle of white wine at a friends house in less than half-an-hour before I headed down to the club. But hey, it was fun :p

I am also the proud owner of a B-Movie t-shirt which they were selling at the club.Yay for me!

Saturday was quiet (I didn't rise until just after midday for a start). I put a few bits on ebay, write some emails, surfed the net, and watched several episodes of Angel Season 5. I spoke to Sarah several times throughout the day and whilst we're missing each other we're still set on staying seperated. My Saturday nights plans were changed at the last moment as the person I was going to see was feeling down and just wanted some time by themselves, which was rather annoying as I was really looking forward to leaving the house, seeing them, and getting fairly wasted again. Instead I ended up going on an alarm-call to work as the security company we use rang me up asking me to double-check our premises due to a line fault. After I finally got home pond823 , daver2323  and myself all watched the brilliant American History X and then debated politics, race and America for the next hour or so. It was good.

Then back upstairs to my little sanctuary to watch a few more episodes of Angel before falling into blissful sleep.

Now I'm awake again (and have been for some time) and have to head into work for a few hours at somepoint today. I am hoping (praying) that I'm seeing a friend this evening but in all reality I'm probably going to be at home feeling like a worthless shit and watching more Angel. I should really try and get some close friends that massage my ego slightly more often than some of the ones I have :p

...and that's something I'd prefer if you'd refrain from commenting on folks. Thanks.

Anyway, 'til later folks. Enjoy your weekends!!!


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