Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

World 'Wants Kerry As President'

Now I could have tolf you this without investing $$$'s in research. The US's popularity is at an all-time low outside of its borders - amongst friends and enemies alike and certainly the vast majority of people would love to see Bush toppled (more than wanted Saddam toppled!).

World 'Wants Kerry As President (BBC News On-Line; Thursday 9th Septemebr 2004)

Poll Results (Kerry - Bush)
Norway: 74%-7%
Germany: 74%-10%
France: 64%-5%
Italy: 58%-14%
Spain: 45%-7%
UK: 47%-16%
Canada: 61%-16%
Mexico: 38%-18%
Brazil: 57%-14%
China: 52%-12%
Japan: 43%-32%
Indonesia: 57%-34%
India: 34%-33%

Philippines: 32%-57%
Nigeria: 33%-27%
Poland: 26%-31%
Thailand: 30%-33%
Source: GlobeScan Inc/University of Maryland PIPA

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