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Odds and Sods

I really felt I needed to post something. I couldn't have a picture of a buttplug as the first thing people see when they visit my LJ - it's all just too disturbing for my poor, young, tender mind and those of my innocent readers.
So I thought I'd post this instead to remve the offending object from the top of my journal :p
Not really a lot to report though. Work's been busy again (I didn't get out of the office until past 7pm this evening and really should have stayed later had I not been coming down with a headache). I actually have tomorrow off which I'm largely dedicating to Cubicle 7 and Dragonmeet work. Am also going to aim to start going through my vinyl collection tomorrow night (if I'm not out drinking with Chris and Lara) sorting out what to ebay (and making sure they all still play!).
Anyone interested in 7", 12" and LPs here? I could always try and post a list here for 24/48 hours before throwing them up on ebay if people think they might be interested (and I haven't forgotten about the old RPG stuff I got the other week - just haven't had time to0 catalogue it yet!).
Tonights been spent watching some more of Angel Season 5. Just started the second half of the season and I'm enjoying it. Having been without my Buffy fix for over a year it's been nice revisiting the Buffyverse and catching up with a few familiar faces. Angel Season 5 feels a lot better than Season 4 which I thought was on the plus side of so-so but not by much. Also been chatting to Delphine and Sarah on the phone and need to try and make a call to the States in a few minutes. Actually I should stop writing this and make that call now. Damn these different time zones!


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Sep. 15th, 2004 01:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, but I always read my friends list from the bottom up, as it were, so I saw the buttplug about ten minutes ago :D
Sep. 15th, 2004 01:59 am (UTC)
a. angel is NOT buffy (sorry im just too devoted to all that is blonde and stake wielding)

b. my only lack of buffy consolation is that smallville was the first show i saw on telly on returning from the US. ahhhh tom welling.

c. vinyl... *evil manic glint* is it all goth or do you have some good stuff too (hee hee sorry)
seriously im totally happy to take any vinyl off your hands and love and cherish it.

see u soon!
Sep. 15th, 2004 02:12 am (UTC)
I have tons of vinyl and whilst the goth stuff makes a fair showing it's not all Goth by any stretch of musical tastes. I'll post up lists as I go, I have a feeling quite a bit of it is more rock orientated but I also have a number of dance and techno tracks in there too - it all depends on how much I decided I want to keep and how much I'm going to try and sell. I'd probably be keeping most of my goth stuff anyway :p
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