Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Film Meme

Film meme stolen from rpgactionfigure


My favourite films containing the listed actors...
Tom Hanks- The Green Mile
Jim Carrey- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Tobey Maguire- Plesantville
Mel Gibson- Braveheart
Ben Affleck- Chasing Amy
Nicole Kidman- The Others
Liv Tyler- Lord of the Rings
Harrison Ford- Blade Runner
Natalie Portman- Leon
Ewan McGregor- Moulin Rouge or Trainspotting
Edward Norton- Fight Club or American History X
Angelina Jolie- (Hopefully Sky Captains and the World of Tomorrow…)
John Cusack- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Renee Zellwegger- Bridget Jones Diary
Johnny Depp- Sleepy Hollow
Sean Penn- er, not a lot (his guest appearances in ‘Friends’?)
Will Smith- Wild Wild West
Meg Ryan- er, apparently none.
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Traffic
Sandra Bullock- The Net
Gwyneth Paltrow- Shakespeare in Love
Brad Pitt- Fight Club or Twelve Monkeys
Keanu Reeves- The Matrix
Cameron Diaz- Gangs of New York (or A Life Less Ordnary)
Christina Ricci- The Opposite of Sex
Drew Barrymore- Donnie Darko
Kate Hudson- ?
Marilyn Monroe- Not sure.
Adam Sandler- The Wedding Singer
Robin Williams- Dead Poets Society
Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Terminator
Bruce Willis- loads, The Fifth Element if I have to choose one though
Eddie Murphy- Shrek
Morgan Freeman- Se7en
Sigourney Weaver- Alien
George Clooney- O Brother Where Art Thou?
Julia Stiles- The Bourne Identity
Jodie Foster- Silence of the Lambs (and Taxi Driver)
Sean Connery- The Name of the Rose
Christian Slater- True Romance (or Pump Up The Volume)
Julianne Moore- Magnolia
Robert Downey Jr.- Natural Born Killers/Richard III
Uma Thurman- Pulp Fiction
Steve Buscemi- Reservoir Dogs (again so many to choose from!)
Nicholas Cage- Wild at Heart
Joaquin Phoenix- Signs


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